Florida Courts

The Florida Court System is Seeking Comments

The Florida Supreme Court’s Long Range Strategic Planning Workgroup would like to hear from you about the Florida Court System. We are updating the strategic plan for the state courts system and need you to tell us how we are doing, what you think works well, and what may need to be improved. Your opinions are important to us, and they will affect the plans and choices that we make. Please take about ten minutes to complete this survey and help us make our state courts system more effective at providing justice for all.

All responses are completely anonymous; they will be compiled together and analyzed as a group. No one’s answers will be singled out or reported in any way that would allow identification of survey participants. Survey responses are public record, which must be disclosed upon request, but again, without disclosing any identifying information.

In January 2009, 27 leaders representing a variety of justice system and partner agencies met in Tallahassee to explore common issues related to the justice system. The focus of the meeting was discussion of the most significant trends and challenges facing the courts and participants’ organizations in the next 3 to 5 years and identifying the highest priority issues facing the participants’ organizations. Items 1-10 reflect trends and priorities identified at that meeting; item 11 has been added to address changes in the ways justice agencies interact with the courts.

Survey Instructions: Please take a few moments to answer the following questions. 

This survey has not been activated.
Questions? Contact Joanne Snair, Office of the State Courts Administrator, Strategic Planning Unit, at 850.922.5618 or by EMAIL.